Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In the today’s world, where almost every company uses information technology and success of a company is more and more related to the functionality of the installed computer environment, the reliability of any installed computer system becomes a cruical issue. Downtime of a core system can have severe impact on the company profits.

Disaster Recovery Concept
The Disaster Recovery concept goes beyond regular High Availability design which takes care of local failures. The Disaster Recovery concept offers service restoration/relocation in case of a whole computer center failure. This concept can be used to prevent service loss due to natural disasters or other events that have impact on a computer center functionality or accessibility.

DR_Schema (35Kb)
In case of a disaster, the current computer center is relocated to a standby center.
For increased safety, the concept supports more than one computer center.

Basic Features

  • Simple, straighforward concept and configuration
  • Based on interaction with DNS
  • Fully automated relocation between centers
  • Relocation can be invoked manually (one command) or automated via programmed triggers
  • Scalable and flexible design
  • Works with any operating system that supports networking (by default, the controlling utilities are installed on Unix/Linux)
  • Supports unlimited number of standby centers

Extended Features

  • In production environment, the system may be combined with database replication, allowing data synchronization among all required computer centers.
  • The Disaster Recovery system can be configured to allow simultaneous usage of all defined centers, providing load balance and/or users prefered routing according to their geographical location.
  • With a respect to the parameters of a given network connection, the standby computer centers can be literally spread across the whole globe.

Our Disaster Recovery concept is an elegant and reliable solution which can be customized according to given needs. It provides a robust but yet simple approach to a service availability.

No matter whether you are a huge multicountry enterprise or a small company with one office, our Disaster Recovery product will help your computer systems to stay safe for an affordable price.