Translation services


English -> Czech : 450,- CZK / Standard page
Czech -> English : 550,- CZK / Standard page

A standard page is 30 lines of text with 60 characters each, ie. 1800 characters including spaces. Pricing is always based on the resulting text size. The translations are always delivered in their final form without any need for additional modifications, proofreading, or formatting changes.


Regular service : 6 standard pages per day*
Express : 7-10 standard pages per day*
Express ‘By tomorrow’ : translations by 6pm of the following day, max. 10 standard pages
Express ‘Overnight’ : translations by 9am of the following day, max. 6 standard pages

*Timing does not include the days of reception and delivery. This does not apply to ‘By tomorrow’ and ‘Overnight’ services.


Express : +10%
Express ‘By tomorrow’ : +50%
Express ‘Overnight’ : +100%
Illegible text (handwriting, smudged letters, etc.) : +10-25%, according to severity
Tables, graphs, graphical elements, picture labels, … : individual pricing
Weekend and holiday hours : no surcharge

Listed prices are final. I am not a registered V.A.T. payer.

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