Online language tests

Online Language Tests

OJT is a web application for management of language tests. The application allows you to create an unlimited number of questions, answers, languages, and levels, and combine these to unlimited number of tests. The users answer questions in individual levels and they proceed to the next level when they achieve required score. The test ends when a user did not meet the set score, or when there are no further levels. The users receive the test results on their e-mail address that they entered. A copy of the results together with the contact information is also sent to predefined addresses (e.g. language school branch) so that an appropriate language course can be offered.

OJT can be used also for other, non-language tests (for example mathematics or technical). The application can be used for any tests where users pick answers from multiple choices. The most typical use case would be assigning students to groups according to their reference levels.

OJT allows the questions and answers be displayed in random order during each run. This prevents cheating as there’s no master mapping of questions and the correct answers. This makes the results trustworthy.

How do you set it up?
The type of hosting is agreed as part of the project. This can either be the hosting of the customer’s choice, or the hosting of the OJT provider at The technical installation is included in the delivery. The test content can be prepared by the customer from their own sources. After the initial training, the customers can create/define the tests on their own or, if preferred, the creation of tests can be ordered separately. In this case, the customers provide the test content in a predefined format and they don’t need to worry about the rest.