Selection of delivered projects

Česká komora lehkých obvodových plášťů
The Czech Chamber of Light External Cladding 
IT administration and backoffice support.

Znehodnocení vozidel
Expert assistance agency for motor vehicles insurance clearances
Development and delivery of web application for automated creating and selling of insurance compensation expertise documents.

Polyglot s.r.o.
Language school
Delivery and operation of web portal (www.polyglot.cz) and e-shops for Czechia and Slovakia (eshop.polyglot.cz). Development of web applications for online language tests (OJT), automated signing up for the language courses, sharing of spreadsheets on the web, tools for web administration, and many tools & utilities for a language school.

logo_its2 (2K)
International Telecommunications Services LLC
Voice and data carrier, data transmission security, end to end encryption
Provisioning of Voice and Data services with encrypted transmission.

logo_portasystems (2K)
Porta Systems Corp.
Complete system solutions for telephone operators
OSS support, hardware and software maintenance, software development, tuning and troubleshooting of Unix OS (Ultrix, OSF, Tru64). Remote and onsite support of customers in Europe and Asia. Development, delivery, and successful implementation of Disaster Recovery system.

Martin Rehak, RHK Software
Custom-made database software development
Linux systems support, backup systems delivery and configurations, general IT consultancy

logo_mmspektrum (2K)
MM Prumyslove spektrum
Technical bulletin editors
Company IT services support, development of automatic backup system with quick fail recovery. Delivery and operation of automated GDPR consent collection portal.

logo_utel (2K)
United Technologists Europe Limited
Retrofit and New Build DSL Test Access Solutions to the telecomms industry
Test Access Matrix sales support.

logo_rava (3K)
Autorava s.r.o.
Motor-vehicle repair center
Complete IT servicing, delivery of company web portal.

logo_czt (5K)
Český Telecom, a.s.
The major telecommunications operator in Czech Republic … back then… 🙂 
Cooperation between 2000 and 2003, supplies of user applications for measurement of subscriber lines connected to S12 or EWSD telephone exchanges.