Scope of services

Custom development
Delivery of all types of programs and applications according to customer’s needs including web applications (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, C, Bootstrap, …).

Web portals
Design, provisioning, operation, and servicing of web sites and e-shops (WordPress, WooCommerce, Bootstrap).

Provisioning and maintenance of IT systems
Provisioning, configurations, and maintenance of company systems, servers, e-mails, printers, license management, simply everything that comes with IT/ICT systems at small, medium, and large companies.

Tru64 Unix
Deployment, diagnostics, tuning and troubleshooting of all versions of Tru64 OS (Ultrix, OSF, Tru64). We provide configuration plans with regards to the expected load (number of users, application types, etc.). We can regularly administer your system(s) performing periodical check-ups. These services can be supplied both via remote access and on-site. We can offer 15+ years experience in this domain.

Deployment, diagnostics and configuration according to the customer’s requirements. This popular OS can be literally custom-tailored according to your needs. Regular administration and check-ups in contractual extent are being offered as standard.

MS Windows
Deployment, diagnostics, fixes, configurations as per customer’s needs, both for workstations and servers.

Data backup
Data backup is a cruical part of any system administration. A backup can be priceless in case of emergency and its quality always affects the required time for a full system recovery. We can offer you a simple backup system called FTBackup (File Tree Backup). This system provides automated backups and easy recovery. We supply this system together with a fully customized configuration and functional tests (these can be performed on regular basis). This backup system is a practical and inexpensive solution for both small companies and individuals who want to prevent unwanted data loss.

Standby systems (More info)
Do you need your company server be accessible even in case of unexpected events at its location (flood, long-lasting brownout, hardward failures, etc.) ? Do you operate remote offices that need all time access to company data ? You may already have considered setting up a backup computer center, placed in a different location and able to replace (either temporarily or permanently) the master system. The common products offering such a solution are usually quite expensive which makes their use within smaller scales very costly. We have a simple Disaster Recovery system, which can offer an easy relocation of the whole computer center in case of a disaster. Such a relocation takes usually seconds to complete and the system supports more than just one backup center. This product is flexible enough to offer both affordability for smaller scales and support for very large sets of systems.

Network configuration and maintenance
Design, installations and maintenance of the networks including safeguarding to prevent attacks from the outside.