N2T - Number to text

N2T - convert a given number to a text representation


This utility takes a number as an argument and returns its textual representation in the selected language. The number is limited to the size of a 32-bit integer. You can call this utility from your web page when you need to display numbers as text (typically price values in documents).

Number to convert. The input numbers are limited to max integer of 999,999,999,999 and max length of 64 characters. Non integer trailing parts are trimmed. If no input is provided, then this help screen is displayed.

Select the desired language. At this moment, the supported languages are:
- en cs de it -
If no language parameter is provided or if a specified language is not supported, the utility will default to en.

By default, the program will send a HTML comment with credits (<!-- text obtained via N2T (number2text) from https://www.softwaria.com. Hope this utility is useful for you. -->) in the output string. You can turn this off if needed.

https://www.softwaria.com/n2t/?lang=en&number=576 (try it here...)
Get the text for number 576. Check the resulting source code (Ctrl+U in Chrome) to see the author credit info.

https://www.softwaria.com/n2t/?lang=en&number=576&disable-www-softwaria-com-credits (try it here...)
Get the text for number 576. Check the resulting source code (Ctrl+U in Chrome) to see that the author credit info is not included.

Please note that upon heavy use, delays will occur in the utility's response. This is an intented behavior. Should you require a guaranteed response, then please inquire about purchasing a unique key which will ensure a priority operation with no delays over the prepaid period of time.
Bugs can be reported via the contacts on the www.softwaria.com website.

Copyright © 2017-2022 Karel Slaby, www.softwaria.com. You may use this utility for both personal and commercial purposes.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.